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PMET Programme

Empowering PMETS to Greater Heights!

This is a programme to empower and guide PMETS in rejuvenating their careers and relaunching themselves back into the job market.


SUAVE PMET Programme

Introducing our brand-new SUAVE PMET Programme, specially tailored for Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) in Singapore. We understand that going through a career change is a daunting process, especially when you are in your mid-career and in today’s climate. There are many uncertainties and doubts that everyone in this position will face, and we want to help you with that. Through this holistic programme, we aim to empower you to realign your personal values, branding, develop new competencies and skills to relaunch yourself and your careers.

The 5-Steps Framework to Empower PMETs 


We carefully select and curate a unique suite of WSQ Workshops supported by psychometric profiling, coaching and outreach programme.

This SUAVE PMET Programme has 4 “OMAE” Stages:






In just 4 weeks, our SUAVE PMET Programme will align you to embrace the job market and be Future-Career Ready. This will empower you to take charge and fast track reemployment to the job market using our SUAVE Roadmap Blueprint.


4-Step "OMAE" Model

Step 1: On-Boarding

  • Future-Ready Skills Masterclass Series

  • Initiating SUAVE Roadmap

Step 2: Mental Resilience Programme

3 x 4-hour Masterclasses on:​

  • Transformation Leadership

  • IDENTI3 Values Profiling & Career Mapping

  • Impactful  Interview and CV Writing

Step 3: Ask-The-Coach

  • 3 x 1-hour Coaching Sessions

  • Personal Value branding

  • Advisory Resume Review / Critique

  • Preparation for Interview

Step 4: Effective Outreach

  • Recruitment Agencies

  • Search Consultants

  • Job Portal Partners


Masterclasses with Practical Application & Outcomes


We understand that change can be complex to many. That’s why we’ve put together our most essential WSQ courses to equip learners with Quick-to-Learn and Quick-to-Apply practical skills. All our courses are WSQ accredited and approved by SkillsFuture Singapore.

Future-Ready Skills Masterclasses (Level 4) - 3 WSQ modules


We understand that change can be complex to many.


That’s why we’ve put together our most essential WSQ Future Ready Skills courses to equip learners with Quick-to-Learn and Quick-to-Apply practical skills. All WSQ courses are accredited and approved by SkillsFuture Singapore.

Social media is a 24-hour, essential and readily accessible platform to brand your personal self and business. Learning essential digital tools, social media platforms and ability to access an arsenal of digital tools can play significant roles in your personal branding and enhancing your digital skills. It will enhance your currency of knowledge in this digital age, stakeholder management skills and learn how to thrive in remote working and team diversity. These are critical skills required in the current and future workplace today.

We have also carefully curated and integrated an effective global critical thinking and problem-solving tool - KEPNERandFOURIE®️ which is world-class and is used by major MNCs globally - into our WSQ courseware for POSA.  Participants will have opportunities for problem solving that can lead them into new territory with innovative solutions they might not otherwise think about!

An equally important knowledge to have is Wealth management. Financial knowledge increases the likelihood of wise investment. Financial literacy is positively related to good retirement planning and the development of a savings plan to boost wealth and facilitate a less stress retirement.

Identi3 Psychometric Profiling Masterclass





PMET candidates will benefit from relevant topics to be covered in advance of their 1-to-1 consultation session with the aid of Identi3®, an award-winning psychometric profiling tool. Candidates will acquire a higher degree of self-awareness and psychological edge in identifying career roles they're likely to excel in.

  • Identi3® Personality Profiling Test Career Profiling, Personal Value branding

  • Advisory Resume Review / Critique Preparation for Interview

  • Access to resources to help you with Networking and Professional Grooming

  • Advisory on matching personality types with suitable career functions during one-to-one coaching


6 Key Outcomes

These are 6 key outcomes PMET participants will be able to enjoy:

  • Step-by-Step approach through Transformational Leadership training and personal branding.

  • Fun yet Practical WSQ workshops delivered by qualified Industry Practitioners and Consultants.

  • Ask-the-Coach enables participants to learn from real-life scenarios and to develop strategies and apply them to achieve career goals.

  • IDENTI3 Psychometric Profiling to help participants in personal values and career mapping with 1-to-1 coaching.

  • Impactful Interview Skills and Resume Writing with 1-to1 coaching by the end of the programme.

  • Effective Outreach Programmes to recruitment agencies and job market opportunities

Programme Pricing


Our full suite of WSQ Future-Ready Skills Masterclass Series starts from $1064 ( This consists of 2 components- $964 SFC which includes an SSG subsidy for participants aged 40 years & above for Singapore citizens and $100 cash for SUAVE PMET Coaching).  Upon successful completion of the Future-Ready Skills Masterclass Series, you will be entitled to enjoy our Mental Resilience Programme, Ask-A-Coach sessions and Outreach programmes. 

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

Future-Ready Skills Masterclass Series

Future-Ready Skills Masterclass Series 


February 2022



March 2022


Feb 07 - 09 

Feb 11 - 12

Feb 16 - 18

Mar 07 - 08

Mar 12 - 14

Mar 16 - 18







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