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Social Media Marketing
WSQ Level 4  (2.5-Day)

Laptop Typing

Social Media Marketing Course - Workshop Description

Empower yourself with the marketing potential of social media in the digital marketing arsenal,  from social media strategy development to content creation with Blog, Vlog, and social media campaigns.

Our Social Media Marketing course has been updated with the latest insights and techniques from ChatGPT, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today's digital age, and  you will have access to AI tools and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve in social media marketing.

With ChatGPT, you'll learn how to create effective social media marketing plans and campaigns that will engage and connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. leverage and increase the productivity and effectiveness of your business and campaigns.

Our Social Media Marketing course is now enhanced with the power of ChatGPT to bring your business to the next level.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop tangible Social Media Marketing goals and speed up  content development using ChatGPT to develop brand awareness and market presence for your business.

  2. Monitor and provide recommendations for continuous improvement of Social Media use

  3. Conduct Analysis on performance of social media campaigns and recommendations for improvement

  4. Enjoy Practicum in class to set up company Facebook fan page and professional LinkedIn profile,  learn to create Blog for FB, Content of  your biography or business write-up, develop Product /Services writeup and Email sales template using ChatGPT.

  5. Review and Analyses customer behaviours, interests and demographics

  6. Monitor Customers’ responses, reviews, comments across social network platforms


Workshop Cost After SSG Subsidies

With effect from 1st Jan 2022


Course Code : TGS-2020504596


Course End Date: 30 September 2024

MCES >40 years old Singaporean Citizen

SME for Singaporean/SPR



21-39 years old Singaporean/PR (and NON-SME




White Feather

Prior to attending this course, you should:

  1. Know the basic functions of a computer and how to navigate the internet for information

  2. Be able to read, write, speak and understand Basic English with keen interest to acquire new knowledge and willingness to learn a new skill

  3. Be comfortable working in teams and engage in positive discussion

  4. The following equipment/software is needed – A Laptop or Desktop with Windows OS installed

N/B: For learners who do not have a laptop, you may request for one during registration.


“A very structured social media course and Dianna makes the training lively & interesting, sharing her many experiences and makes learning fun with Kahoot games. The instructor was great, I learned a lot and enjoyed the lively training.” 


—  Ms Grace Woo, An Adult Educator

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