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Search & Recruitment

Stevenson Huréca is a search & licenced recruitment Agency duly recognized by the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower. We aim to help local employers fulfil their human resource requirements through the deployment of world-class professionals and workers.

We have a team of Professionals with a combined 50 years of experience in provision of international human resource capital from the region and locally as well. Singapore aims to be a smart nation with digitally savvy population. We recruit both local and foreign professionals for our valued clients and to serve the needs of Singapore to become a digital hub and economy in Asia.

Our Service Quality Objectives

  • To provide prompt and efficient delivery of quality services.

  • To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

  • To aim and exceed customers’ Service expectation.

Our Network

Apart from our own in-house Training Academy, we have also have our foreign business partners that trains all their workers prior to deploying the to Singapore.

Our foreign network includes the Agency partners from Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, and China.

Our Services

We subscribe to offering all our valued clients a wide-range of services which include:

For Professional Search Services

  1. We match the professional talent and ensure cultural fit of professional hire to our client’s needs

  2. We perform testimonials validation of past employment for confirmed professional hire

  3. We provide Service guarantee of up to 6 months with 1-to-1 replacement.

  4. IT Contracts Services


For Foreign Talents Recruitment Services

  1. Application & Submission of Work Passes with Ministry of Manpower

  2. Renewals of Workers’ Work Passes

  3. Work Passes Cancellation

  4. Passport Extension

  5. Purchase of Security Bond

  6. Airport Services

  7. Orientation of Foreign Workers

  8. Counselling of Foreign Workers

Stevenson Huréca believes in providing high level of professional Services and training to all our staff to provide our clients with the good efficiency and satisfaction.  We take pride in our commitment.

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