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Effective Problem Solving

KEPNERandFOURIE® has pioneered a specific thinking approach in Critical Thinking. This addresses the fundamental and advanced needs of Root Cause Analysis and Critical Problem Solving. 

This globally renowned brand has a quality suite of tools/techniques that can be used to coach problem-solvers and decision-makers. 

By adopting these techniques, this enhances both individual and team ability to achieve better success in effective problem solving in Cybersecurity, IT Network and Project Management


Project Optimisation and Stakeholder 

Analysis Masterclass 



Anyone who has ever been involved in a project knows that things can get out of hand very quickly. When deadlines are missed, quality suffers and costs escalate. Before you know it, you have a potential failure on your hands. This is devastating to the Return on Investment (ROI) expectations of the project’s outcome 

This Masterclass empowers Project Managers to analyse the complexities and relationship of stakeholders, develop stakeholder engagement plan and review stakeholders’ feedback and assess the risk. 

Attending this practical hands-on workshop will put you back in control.


IT Root Cause Analysis (ITRCA) Masterclass


Businesses focus too much on fixing the surface problems of IT issues. Unless the root cause problem is fixed, the issues will resurface again. Getting to the bottom of the issue in IT problems is beneficial and saves operational costs due to downtime.

This workshop will empower problem solving teams to use a systematic template-driven thinking approach to get the whole team to agree on the incident’s root cause.

By adopting structured templates and applying the KEPNERandFOURIE® processes,  the teams are assured of identifying the true root cause the first time every time.

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Cyber And Data Breach Incident Management (CADBIM)

A Cyber incident management process is a set of procedures and actions taken to respond to and resolve critical Cyber incidents: how incidents are detected and communicated, who is responsible, what tools are used and what steps are taken to resolve the Cyber incidents.

No organisation is safe from cybercrime. The internet is revolutionising the way we do business: the amount of data that we transfer over the internet and our dependency on it being available keeps on increasing. Cybercrime is big business, even the smallest malicious attack can seriously damage an organisation's reputation.

Data Cloud

ITIL Problem Solving (IPS) Masterclass 


The most obvious reason why ITIL Problem Solvers are struggling to find a Root Cause is that they are MISSING THE TECHNICAL CAUSE!

The realization that even a complex incident can be reduced to one OBJECT and one FAULT. This is the absolute importance of asking the “right question to the SME  to get to the right factual data”.

In this 2-Day Masterclass, you will learn and apply these tools/templates with our unique worked questions which can effectively address today’s “real-time” time-pressured incident environments.

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