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Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer 

experience in order to drive profit and gain competitive edge.

Customer-centric companies make more profit than other companies that do not. They can retain more of their customers and attract new ones more easily. Customer loyalty to the brand is usually high as they are satisfied with the products

Leverage on our  Masterclasses to skill up your team  and align your business to satisfy your customers

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WSQ Customer Experience Innovation Management (CXIM)

Customer experience innovation is defined as the process of creating and implementing new ideas, strategies, technologies, or approaches to enhance the overall experience that customers have when interacting with a brand, product, or service.


This course objective is to enhance target customers'  everyday changing needs. It offers an innovative approach to assessing, creating, and evaluating and to enhance all processes related to customer experiences through a holistic approach that involves the whole organization and service touch points.

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Develop Service Vision 


The ability to define and achieve the service levels your business aims to meet is of utmost importance. Positive touch-points perceived by the customer reflects your level of service and impacts your brand.
Analyse and promote a customer-centric environment to influence the team to achieve service excellence.

Leverage the tools and template to align your company Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) so as to exceed your customer's expectations and improve their satisfaction.

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Concierge Service

Foster Customer Delight


Customer touch points are pivotal to all businesses. They represent the business' service standards in a short period and can make it or break it.  

Learn to analyse service quality and customer satisfaction results and communicate findings and results to relevant stakeholders. Rally all stakeholders to implement improvement plans to close service performance gaps.

Discover how you can apply industry proven techniques in your business to delight your customers.

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Implement Service Recovery


Service recovery is an important function for companies to maintain satisfied customers. In order to have successful service recovery, customers' expectations should be recognized and met. 

The ability to identify service challenges and service recovery gaps is the first step to ensure the effectiveness of service recovery strategies.

Discover proven methodologies to perform service recovery framework to implement so as to address key services gaps and to maintain service excellence.

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