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WSQ Customer Experience
Innovation Management

WSQ Level 3  (2-Day)

Laptop Typing

Workshop Description

​​Customer experience innovation is defined as the process of creating and implementing new ideas, strategies, technologies, or approaches to enhance the overall experience that customers have when interacting with a brand, product, or service.


This course objective is to enhance target customers'  everyday changing needs. It offers an innovative approach to assessing, creating, and evaluating and to enhance all processes related to customer experiences through a holistic approach that involves the whole organization and service touch points.

Learning Outcomes

The following are the learning outcomes:


  • Understand the importance of Customer Journey Mapping and Service Touchpoints. 

  • Ability to conduct research into the competitors’ landscape and service edge.

  • Develop solutions by applying Design Thinking and SCAMPER techniques.

  • Evaluate the cost benefits of the Service touchpoints solutions.

Workshop Content 

At the end of this course, learners will be to do the following:


  • Identify and analyse key features of the organization's services touchpoints, assessing their potential impact at each step/process so as to enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct thorough research on competitors' service touchpoints, so as to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape.

  • Analyse and compare customer experience gaps amongst its competitors and industry players, and to enable valuable  insights on specific service touchpoints for strategic decision-making.

  • Generate innovative solutions and strategies to enhance customer experience, improving the service touchpoints and ultimately contributing to the organisation's competitive advantage.

  • Evaluate the costs and potential benefits of proposed improvements to service touchpoints and the customer experience.

Workshop Cost After SSG Subsidies

With effect from 1st Jan 2022


[Course Code –   TGS-2024042531]


Course End Date: 28 February 2026

MCES >40 years old Singaporean Citizen


SME for Singaporean/SPR


21-39 years old Singaporean/PR (and NON-SME




White Feather
Workshop Methodology

This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, practical case studies and learning activities.
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