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We provide these Consultation & Training Services for Organisational Improvements.

#1 Engaging Employees to Drive Results

#2 Bridging the Gaps in your Organisation

#3 Building a High Performance and Aligned Team

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Engaging Employees to Drive Results

We conduct research to help clients determine the status of your organisation gaps and needs in the following area.

  • Employees Engagement Survey -  to find ways to overcome

    • Staff attrition, low job performance due to change management

    • Poor teaming, causing misaligned business strategy

    • Stress and miscommunications in a remote working environment (like Covid-19 pandemic)

    • Blame game culture  (toxic environment)

    • Poor customer service (loss of loyal customers)


  • Training Needs Analysis

    • Adaptive Culture – Organisational Resiliency & adaptability

    • Business Growth – Innovation and development of new ways to grow the business

    • Customer Centricity – Unique ways to compete in a mature Service industry

    • Digital Mastery – How to develop competencies in Digital Marketing

    • Effective Problem Solving – Identify critical problems in your organisation and find solutions

  • Knowledge Skills Analysis

    • Pre and Post-workshop surveys

    • Identification of the specific skill gaps to contextualise and customise the workshop to meet the needs of our clients. 



Bridging the Gaps in Your Organisation

  • The challenges in bridging organisational skill gaps are becoming increasingly tough, mostly due to the accelerating pace of technological change.

  • It is not uncommon to hear business leaders and employees talking about skill gaps. Basically, a skill gap is a gap between what employers expect, in terms of productivity from their employees, and what the latter can actually do when they walk into the job.

  • The mismatch between the organization’s skill needs and the current capabilities can impact customer satisfaction and loss of revenue. This means that skill gaps carry a huge risk. The urgency to identify and solve these issues has become more apparent and acutely urgent.

  • We developed a 4-step system ACES model to address and reduce these gaps. This will improve desired outcome and performances.

Step 1. Analyze

Step 2. Consult

Step 3. Embed

Step 4. Sustain

What We Do


Engagement Surveys

  • Gain insight into your workforce

  • Improve performance

  • Increase retention

Microphone Closeup

Speaking Engagements

  • Deep insight based on experience

  • High-energy, high impact

  • Wide range of topics to choose


Engagement Workshops

  • Highly skilled facilitators

  • Customised for your needs

  • Action-learning process



Building a High Performing and Aligned Team

“Experienced leaders understand that if they need to deliver their strategic goals, their team's knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness must be second to none. Your competition is constantly striving to improve, so if you are not, you will fall behind.

Beyond financial targets, Employees Engagement, Team Bonding activities, and Corporate Social Responsibility, help employees develop meaningful and enriching lives. This allows them to feel the organization’s commitment to them as individuals. It is only through this authentic desire to support people that you will build the trust necessary for your staff to bring their full talents into the workplace.

Once the culture releases peoples' latent potential, your organization can move mountains.

By leveraging on our 5-Pillar Masterclasses, we can customise a seamless training solution for your organisation's needs.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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