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Empowering Leaders to Lead Effective Change

Non-WSQ  (2-Day)

Business Meeting

Leadership Course - Workshop Description

Change can be daunting for many. The hardest aspect about any change is often the emotional one – new skills to learn can bring fears about whether or not a person can cope; new ways of working means one’s value to the organization might be compromised; the need to work harder to maintain the status quo and at the same time learn new skills breeds resentment and cynicism that change is being introduced for the sake of change.



In this 2-Day of highly interactive and experiential Leadership course, our experienced Trainer will simplify this fearful thought of Change and create a resilient mindset and propel the team to embrace change and to transform proactively. It will cover the following topics :


  1. Why do most change initiatives fail?

  2. Understand and how to overcome the 4 barriers of Change

  3. Crafting a compelling Vision for the Change

  4. Identify ways to empower your Leaders to embrace and lead an effective Change in your organisation

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Workshop Methodology
The learning has been structured as a 2-day interactive workshop led by our experienced trainers.  The workshops will contain a series of power point slides, accompanying information, written activities and reflective tasks and videos.
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