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Effective Negotiation Skills

WSQ Level 4   (2-Day)

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Workshop Description

Negotiation happens every day. Not all Good Negotiators are born with it. Some learn it through the school of hard knocks and experience.  For example, one needs to negotiate salary for a new job, hiring an additional employee for the project,  getting a new car, securing new business and even negotiating KPIs with your management.


The fact is that whether you're aware of it or not, we spent a significant part of our day negotiating. That's why good negotiation skills are so important. Studies have shown that having good negotiation skills plays an important role in your success as a leader and your potential for career advancement.

This is a fun and dynamic workshop that will equip you with a set of effective tools, techniques and templates on negotiation. Winning in negotiation is about creating a win-win climate, exploring the possibilities and agreeing on the best possible outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan and prepare alternatives and outcomes for both parties in negotiations to support negotiation objectives.

  2. Apply communication and conflict resolution techniques to achieve desired negotiation outcomes.

  3. Finalise negotiation and take necessary follow-up actions to close the negotiation.

  4. Monitor and evaluate negotiation outcomes against objectives in accordance with organisational procedures.

  5. Some of the key tips to learn include

    • Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

    • Always be willing to walk away. Never negotiate without options.

    • Always seek Win-Win opportunities.

Workshop Cost After SSG Subsidies 

With effect from 1st Jan 2022


Course Code : TGS-2014501125


Course Date Ends:  20 September 2024

MCES >40 years old Singaporean Citizen

SME for Singaporean/SPR

21-39 years old Singaporean/PR (and NON-SME






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Who Should Attend?

This 2-Day course is designed for anyone who needs to negotiate as a major part of their job: Salesperson, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Purchasers and etc.

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