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 Building A High Performing and Aligned Team

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Workshop Description

High-performance teams comprise high-performance individuals who are able to effectively channel their passions, diverse skills, backgrounds and talents towards a compelling and common purpose. This 2-day course is a highly interactive and experiential program that combines significant elements of team building with empowerment in the science and art of effective communication, influence and conflict resolution.



Participants from this workshop stand to gain the following benefits:

  1. Strengthen relationship with colleagues vis a vis with Company Core Values

  2. Align Team and identify ways to enhance communications

  3. Learn how to  manage conflict and work effectively with diversity

  4. Leave the course feeling energized and motivated and equipped with skills and strategies to maintain this positivity and optimism

  5. Develop a deeper awareness of their personal strengths and non-strengths and to use this information to engage more effectively with others

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Workshop Methodology
The learning has been structured as a 1-day interactive workshop led by our experienced trainers.  The workshops will contain a series of power point slides, accompanying information, written activities and reflective tasks and videos.
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