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Manage Health and Wellness at Work
WSQ Level 3  (2-Day)

Course Code: TGS-2021010539


Workshop Description

After attending this course, learners will appreciate the importance of health and wellness at the workplace as well as acquire the skills and knowledge required to implement health & wellness programmes at the workplace.

Learning Outcomes


The learning outcomes are as follows:


  1. Recognise the importance of health and wellness programme at the workplace.

  2. Identify and evaluate health & wellness programmes and resources available.

  3. Design and implement appropriate health & wellness programmes for the workplace aligned with organisational policies.

Workshop Content


  • Legislative requirements related to employee health and wellness data

  • Factors impacting employee health and wellness

  • Trends and technology promoting healthy lifestyles

  • Types of employee health and wellness programmes

  • Guidelines that translate organisational policies into day-to-day good employee health and wellness practices

  • Benefits of employee health and wellness programmes

  • Communication techniques and channels to disseminate information on employee health and wellness programmes

Intended Audience:


This course is designed for HR and People Managers, team leaders and professionals to equip them with knowledge and skills to enable programmes so as to support employees and peers with health and wellness programmes.

Workshop Methodology


This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, case studies and activities. Participants are encouraged to bring their workplace problems to the workshop to solve.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days


Duration – 2-day Course via Classroom (or Synchronous E-learning)

No of Hours – 16 hour

Min Pax size is 12 pax

Workshop Cost After SSG Subsidies 

with effect form 1st Jan 2022



MCES >40 years old Singaporean Citizen

SME for Singaporean/SPR

21-39 years old Singaporean/PR (and NON-SME






White Feather
Workshop Methodology
This workshop will be conducted with a good blend of lectures, interaction, case studies, group discussion, corporate and personal experience sharing, videos and WSQ assessments.
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