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About Us

Stevenson Huréca is a Talent Resourcing and Training Services Provider


We have a simple aim - to provide in-depth quality services to our clients.


Our Services focus on People, Process and Communications framework so to address the needs of our Valued Clients.

  • Talent Resourcing include Professional Search Services and Foreign Talents Resourcing


  • Training Services focus on 5-Pillar Masterclasses framework and Consultancy for our clients. This framework consists of the “ABCDE” of Digital Transformation - Adaptive Culture, Business Growth, Customer Centricity, Digital Mastery and Effective Problem Solving.


Our goal is to empower our valued clients to fulfil their organisation needs and to skill up professional talents in their digitalisation journey.


We aim to be a Premier Training Solution and Talent Resource provider in Singapore, transforming our Valued Clients and Professional Talents in the digital economy.


To Serve our Valued Clients professionally and to exceed the Services expectation in line with our core values.

Spirit Values

Service Quality     |     Passion     |     Innovation     |     Resilience     |     Integrity     |     Teamwork

Dedicated to providing premium services to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by:

•            Adhering to all compliances and regulatory requirements with  integrity.

•            Performing with passion, pride and professionalism as a team.

•            Innovative and aim to exceed the needs of our Valued Clients.

Our Services

  • Professional Search Services

  • Foreign Talents Resourcing

  • Contracting Services

Microphone Closeup

5-Pillar Framework - "ABCDE"​​

  • Adaptive Culture

  • Business Growth

  • Customer Centricity

  • Digital Mastery

  • Effective problem Solving

  • Talent Retention Program

  • Employees Engagement

  • Effective IT Problem Solving

  • Cyber Incident Response Management

We Help Achieve

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