service excellence

Level 4

Analyse Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Learning Outcomes

-Analyse service quality and customer satisfaction results to determine the organisation's performance

-Communicate findings to relevant stakeholders

-Implement improvement plans to close service performance gaps

Develop New Products/Services

Learning Outcomes

-Use data and resources to assess customer needs and expectations

-Innovate products and services

-Establish the criteria for evaluation of developed product/service offerings

Develop Service Operations

Learning Outcomes

-Develop service operations plan that is in line with the organisation's customer-focused strategy

-Communicate service operations plan to team

-Evaluate performance of service operations against organisation's key performance indicators

-Implement corrective actions to improve service operations performance

Develop Service Recovery Framework

Learning Outcomes

-Analyse service challenges to ascertain service delivery gaps

-Develop service recovery framework to address service delivery gaps

-Cascade service recovery framework to stakeholders

-Evaluate the effectiveness of service recovery strategies

Foster Service Innovation

Learning Outcomes

-Promote a service innovation culture within the organisation

-Lead your team in generating generating service innovation ideas which are in line with your organisation's evaluation criteria

-Facilitate the implementation for service innovation ideas at the workplace

-Evaluate success of implementing service innovation ideas

Lead with Service Vision

Learning Outcomes

-Recognise the roles and responsibilities of a leader in applying an organisation's vision, mission and values into operation

-Promote a customer-centric environment to influence your team to achieve service excellence

-Analyse performance of a team to identify follow-up actions for improvement

Manage Partnerships for Service Excellence

Learning Outcomes

-Establish and maintain relationships with service partners to enhance service excellence

-Assess performance of service partnerships to identify areas of improvement

-Implement continual improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners

Optimise Workforce for Service Excellence

Learning Outcomes

-Develop manpower resource plan in line with organisation's vision, mission, values and service operations plan

-Evaluate performance of team in line with service operations plan

-Optimise manpower resources for service excellence

-Communicate manpower plans and changes to service team

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