Do you have difficulty attracting , retaining and developing your current pool of employees?

Would you like your managers and staff to think beyond their current job functions?​

Are your managers and staff thinking too short term and not able to think tactically or strategically?
​If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then this Talent Development Program is for YOU and YOUR ORGANISATION!


Our "Be-My-Own-Boss" Program is an unique series of workshops that train and equip you with a set of tools, techniques and templates to create your own business, develop your service offerings, sell and negotiate with your customers and write your own business plan.

Possible Talent Projects

The duration can range from an intensive 2½ weeks to a  one year program where one workshop can be conducted on alternate months. The sequence of workshops can be discussed to match the needs of the client.   
Participants may be selected from either the same business unit or cross business units. They may embark on projects:

  • Assigned by the management

  • Aligned to the organizational KPI.

  • Selected by the participants based on their analysis.  

Everest recommends that a participants’ management mentor be assigned to review their projects and to give resources/ guidance where necessary.   

Upcoming preview

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6.30pm - 9.30pm
Bond International Consultants Pte Ltd 

The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road #12-324, 

Singapore 199591

(Registration starts at 6.30pm and light dinner will be provided

  • WSQ Certified Program - For more info about the WSQ funding & registration, please call Ratna at 68189718 or email
  • Organised by Everest Innovation, an accredited Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).
1. Innovation: Turning Ideas into Gold


Every business begins with a great idea. Depending on your interest, your strengths, and your industry, you can develop your own "how to be your own boss" innovation statements, brainstorm thousands of ideas within minutes, select your best ideas within minutes, select your best ideas for implementation.


With the ability to generate great ideas, you can spawn off more business ideas to solve your business problems effortlessly or to increase sales or to delight customers.  

Our acta Certified Trainer & Facilitator:

STEVEN LOO - Senior Trainer & Facilitator

Steven Loo is the Director and Principal Consultant at Stevenson Huréca Pte Ltd. Stevenson Huréca is a Human Resource Capital and Training Consultancy Services company. Steven Loo has more than 20 years past experience as a Sales Leadership and Management Professional in major MNCs such as IBM, AVAYA and Oracle (previously known as Sun Microsystems.

He switched career into Executive Search and Training Consultancy in 2009. Over the last 6 years, he has coached and helped many Sales & Marketing Professional, Project Managers and IT executives find new careers. He has also trained & facilitated workshops in area of Negotiation for Success, Developing skills to Speak Confidently, Communicating to Influence, Stakeholder Engagement and KEPNERandFOURIE™ Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills. 

He is a Professional Member of Singapore Human Resource Institute and is a Certified ACTA Trainer. Steven is trained in DISC assessment & profiling. Steven is passionate and focused to help clients achieve the desired Outcomes. He graduated with Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from University of New South Wales (Sydney) and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Singapore Institute of Management. He is an active Volunteer Counselor at Singapore Changi Prison.


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