SME Digital Accelerator

SMEs! Supercharge your business!

This is a mentoring programme with a series of Digital Masterclasses, Clinics and Mentoring to enable SMEs to kick-start their digital journey to be Digital Ready.

SME Digital Accelerator (SDA)
A Digital Mentoring Programme 

Our SDA is a brand-new Digital Mentoring Programme, specially tailored for SMEs in Singapore. The importance of any company’s online presence has grown rapidly and accelerated by the pandemic. If your company website cannot be searched by a Search Engine, it means you are losing massive potential customers. Our programme aims to assist and mentor SMEs to create and launch actionable online digital marketing strategies. This would include clinics, workshops and mentoring by our team of Digital Consultants who are qualified industry practitioners and trainers. This programme will provide a step-by-step methodology to enable SMEs to develop and tailor-fit what your business really needs.

We carefully select and curate a unique suite of WSQ Digital Marketing workshops which will be supported by clinics and mentoring to help your business.


This Digital Mentoring Programme has 4 “OAMI” Steps:





In just 6 weeks, our Digital Mentoring Programme will align and enrol your staff to embrace digital social media platform applications. This will empower learners to be proficient in implementing a digital online strategy using our SME Digital Roadmap Blueprint (SDRB).

4-Step "OAMI" Model

Step 1: On-Boarding

Step 2: Ask-The-Coach Clinic

Practical Case Study Sharing

  • Hot Seat Q&A

  • SME Business Goals & Digital Roadmap

Step 3: Mentoring

  • 1-to-1 Mentoring Session

  • Refine the Roadmap & Budget Planning

  • Implementation Plan

Step 4: Implementation Readiness

  • 3-Phase Programme Planning

  • Roll-out Readiness

  • DM Vendor Outreach

SME-Digital-Roadmap-Blueprint (SDRB) for your business


We understand that for learners to apply what is taught in a workshop may be challenging as there are many variables that are different for every business. Hence, to ensure that learners successfully apply their new knowledge, we will equip them with a unique Digital Roadmap Blueprint template that can help them develop an actionable Digital Roadmap applicable to your business. This will be supported by Ask-the-Coach clinics and Mentoring sessions by our qualified Industry Practitioners and Trainers.

6 Key Outcomes for SMEs

These are 6 key outcomes SME participants will be able to enjoy:

  • A step-by-Step approach to enrolling and allow SME Employees to assimilate and learn industry-standard Digital Marketing skills with an immediate application during the workshop.

  • Fun yet Practical WSQ Digital Marketing workshops delivered by qualified Industry Practitioners and Consultants.

  • Ask-the-Coach Clinic enables participants to learn from real-life scenarios and gain clear insights into digital marketing, how to develop workable strategies, and apply them to achieve desired business outcomes.

  • Mentoring Sessions to help participants refine their SME Digital Roadmap based on their companies’ business needs.

  • Plug-and-play SME Digital Roadmap Blueprint (SDRB) ready for implementation by the end of the programme.

  • SME Digital Accelerator Certificate by Stevenson Huréca and SOA Certificates by SSG upon successful completion.

Programme Pricing


For approved SMEs, our full suite of 3 WSQ workshops starts from $761 (which includes a 90% subsidy for 2 participants age 21 years and above for Singapore citizens and PRs). Upon successful completion of our 3 WSQ workshops, your company will be entitled to enjoy our Ask-A-Coach and Mentoring sessions. Approved SMEs will also be able to claim Absenteeism Payroll. Write to us for a complimentary 30 minutes Consultation and Course Advisory.

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